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Rare Disease Day Message from the Canadian MPS Society

Together for better care

Friday, February 28, 2014
Kirsten Harkins

RDD logoSeven years ago, the first Rare Disease Day was held in order to celebrate those living with all kinds of rare diseases, in all corners of the world. Today, we commemorate this special day by "joining together for better care" - clearly, the many challenges faced by those living with rare diseases can only be overcome if we work together. Click here to watch the official 2014 World Rare Disease Day Video, and be inspired, as we are.

Show you care! Then, sign this petition to encourage the Honourable Rona Ambrose to approve the Federal Orphan Drug Regulatory Framework. Over 3,500 have already added their names - let's help push this over 5,000 by the end of the day.

Thanks for joining in our vision of a brighter future for all those living with MPS and all other kinds of rare diseases.

by Jude Green 1140 days, 20 hours ago

Hi I have a rear disability called benign chorea what and who do I talk to about support system I Am going to school this fall to college yes I am fifty and hate sitting at home waiting to die. the reason why I say that is cause I have no furture at all I have even raised three children being disabled one of my girls have this disability and she is doing great in her life now is there any funds besides osap for me to have so I can get off of my butt and live my furture into a reality so that I don't have to sit her and wait to die oh bye the way I am fifty-one years old