Our Stories

Anisa Elder, 10 years old, Peterborough, Ontario

Anisa is a young girl from Canada living with Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) Type I. Anisa and her mother, Jen, share their story from Anisa’s first symptoms to her diagnosis just after her first birthday – and a life filled with playing dress up, dance, and hide and seek.

Teuvo Collins, 14 months old, Thunder Bay, Ontario

“When my son, Teuvo, was 9 months old he was diagnosed with MPS 1. The disease was new to us. New to our family. Even new to our Thunder Bay community. We did a lot of research and reached out to find MPS groups, and eventually found out about the MPS Society. 4 months after the diagnosis, Teuvo was admitted to SickKids in Toronto for his cord blood stem cell transplant. We’re still currently in Toronto, as he is recovering and needs to stay by the hospital.

I am self-employed and do not qualify for unemployment. As parents, having to move our family for a few months we panicked about our bills at home along with ones in Toronto. We received funding from the Financial Assistance Program, which have helped with our travel costs for transplant and we are ever so grateful.

Donors to the Society have made the most stressful situations of MPS families feel a little more at ease with less of a financial burden. It’s important we keep contributing as there will be more families like ours, going from never hearing about MPS to having to drop everything and living with MPS. The amount of health issue that can arise due to this vicious disease are infinite. Without proper treatments and care, there would be no fight.

Thank you to the society, donors and everyone involved.”

 Nikki Collins

Arielle Cameron – Serviss, 5 years old

“My daughter, Arielle, was diagnosed with MPS I when she was 20 months old. Since then, she has overcome every obstacle that has been thrown her way, such as enzyme therapy, chemo therapy, bone marrow transplant and hip surgery just to name a few. She’s fought through everything like a champ with her chin up and a smile to die for but unfortunately there is more to come in the next few years…

All these medical obstacles have caused some setbacks for Arielle regarding her communication, development and social integration. Fortunately, thanks to the Financial Assistance Program, we were able to purchase some 1-on-1 support for Arielle to be integrated in a mainstream summer camp at our local YMCA throughout the summer of 2016. This was a first true experience for Arielle to be integrated in a fulltime structured social environment and it has proven to be very beneficial for her and our family. Arielle is now integrating herself with children with more ease than ever before, her communication skills are blooming and she is surprising everyone with her new talkative and proud personality and she is proving to become such a resilient and independent little girl like everyone else her age.

Without the MPS Society this opportunity might not have been available to Arielle and our family. Thanks to all the donors’ generosity Arielle can communicate with so much more ease and now develop better relationships with her friends and family. 

From our family to yours, Thank you!”

The Cameron & Serviss Family