The Society supports public awareness campaigns, develops, publishes, and distributes a variety of educational materials, issues press releases, and maintains this website with important updates on the Canadian MPS Society’s news, events and links to our international sister organizations.  The Society works with the International MPS Network to raise awareness of MPS diseases through International MPS Awareness Day, which takes place annually on May 15th.

Family Conferences

Our biennial conferences give affected families and medical professionals an opportunity to meet and share information and experiences with each other.

Regional Meetings

The Society hosts a variety of local and regional meetings throughout the year, and also has funding available to member families who wish to organize a social gathering in their community.  Please contact the Society for more information.

Our most recent regional meeting took place in Calgary, Alberta on April 30th, 2011.

International MPS Symposia

The Society hosted the 10th International Symposium on MPS & Related Diseases in Vancouver in June of 2008.


The Society publishes a variety of educational booklets relating to MPS and its management.  Please visit our online store, to order resources. We also publish a quarterly newsletter called the Connection, which is mailed to current members and is also available for download.

The Society has published Family Resource Binders for MPS I and MPS II and MPS IV (english and French).


The Canadian MPS Society Educational Video is a beautiful documentary that illustrates the world of MPS from many perspectives.