2023 Annual Fundraiser

We’re launching an enchanting new campaign that lets you memorialize your gift in a beautiful celestial display. Each donation will sparkle as its own unique sky element, contributing to a stunning cosmic panorama.

With your help, every child can have the chance to dream big and shoot for the stars.

Watch our campaign skyscape fill up with your heartfelt support on the Ignite a Star for MPS webpage.

Help Us Fundraise

Helping us fulfill our mission of supporting families affected by MPS & related diseases and funding research for a cure is the greatest gift anyone can give.

Interested in Organizing a Fundraising Event?

Please contact our head office, so we can assist you and help make your event an enjoyable and financial success at 1-800-667-1846 or info@mpssociety.ca

All event proposals must be approved by our Fundraising Committee prior to your event being advertised as benefiting the Canadian MPS Society. 

Watch the video to see how your investment can make an impact on the journey of families affected with MPS. To make a donation click on one of the Donate buttons at the top or bottom of this page.

Changing Lives: One Donation At a Time

Click on the image to find out how your fundraising can change lives.

An overview of the challenges MPS families face and how your contribution makes an impact. One small gesture goes a long way.