Ignite a Star. Ignite Hope Today!

When we say your donations are life changing, we really mean it.

Individuals affected with MPS often undergo multiple surgeries over the course of their lives. The progressive degeneration associated with MPS may eventually require the use of a wheelchair, respiratory support, and other necessary medical equipment. There is also the risk of losing neurological and cognitive abilities. Some individuals dedicate several hours each week to enzyme replacement therapy through intravenous infusion. Unfortunately, for certain types of MPS, treatment options are not yet available, leaving some individuals without viable therapeutic interventions.


Your donations play a crucial role in continuing to provide direct financial and practical support to affected individuals and families across Canada. Additionally, your support aids in advancing research for the development of novel treatments and therapies for children, adults, and families affected by MPS and related lysosomal storage diseases, ultimately aiming towards a cure. 

Annual Fundraiser

We’re launching an enchanting new campaign that lets you memorialize your gift in a beautiful celestial display. Each donation will sparkle as its own unique sky element, contributing to a stunning cosmic panorama.

With your help, every child can have the chance to dream big and shoot for the stars.

Watch our campaign skyscape fill up with your heartfelt support.

Donation Levels:

Donate to fill the sky with life and light. Each donation moves our space shuttle closer to the full moon!

$5000+. Add a mystical new planet!
$2500 – $4999 – Craft a dazzling galaxy
$1000 – $2499 – Add a glowing supernova
$800 – $999 – Add a super charged comet
$500 – $799 – Ignite a cluster of shooting stars
$250 – 459 – Blaze a brilliant shooting star across the sky
$50 – $249 – Beam a bright star into the darkness
$10 – $49 – Ignite a little twinkling star

Colour the Sky with Tribute Nebulas

Make a tribute to a loved one and ignite a colourful nebula!

Nebulas are giant clouds of dust and gas in space from the explosion of dying stars and act as a nursery for new stars to form.

Tributes made will also appear on the sky image. So make sure to indicate who the tribute is for!

Ignite a star for MPS

Constellation Challenge!

Who Can Create the biggest Constellation? Here’s How:

  1. Choose a name or shape for your constellation
  2. Email 6 of your contacts who you think would like to donate and ask them to donate online while specifying your constellation name.
  3. Challenge your contacts to in turn email 5 of their contacts to donate under your constellation name.
  4. Any donations with your constellation name will be added to your constellation which you can see take shape on the above image!
  5. Download animated email headers to insert in your email for added attention!
    Right click on the image and Save image as type .Gif Image in your downloads folder.
  6. To insert the headers in your emails, place your cursor where you want to insert the header in your email, in the top menu bar go to INSERT >PICTURES and select the gif image from your downloads folder.