Podcast: How To Manage the Responsibilities of Being a Caregiver and Avoid Burnout

Aug 3, 2022 | News, Resources

Receiving a diagnosis is difficult for those who love us. In this podcast by Beyond My Battle, two caregivers provide their perspectives on what it felt like. Steve is the parent of a child with Sanfilippo syndrome and Sarah is the parent of a child with Down syndrome and Autism. They share what it was like to get a diagnosis for their child, how they initially responded, and how they went on to find community and care for themselves so they could be the best caregiver possible.

Dr. Lisa Dungate talks about how any caregiver can address feelings of helplessness, how to support a loved one effectively, and the importance of practicing self-care to avoid burnout.

In this episode you’ll relate to, or gain insight about…

  • Feeling devastated or in denial at the time of diagnosis
  • The fear and anxiety of knowing your loved ones’ health is compromised
  • How to manage the responsibilities of being a caregiver while practicing self-care to avoid burnout
  • Why being a part of some kind of community is important for caregivers
  • Reframing a diagnosis into an offering of presence and compassion
  • Feeling like you are losing control, helpless, or powerless
  • Why we are not as effective as a caregiver when we don’t take care of ourselves
  • The grieving phases and how it directly applies to care partners
  • Having compassion for yourself

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